Fireplace Maintenance and
Cleaning Services

Family Hearth & Patio is your comprehensive fireplace design and installation company serving New London, Connecticut , and the surrounding areas. We also provide fireplace maintenance and cleaning services so that your fireplace runs smoothly, efficiently, and safely. You don't want to delay utilizing your cozy fireplace; make sure your fireplace is primed and ready to use at the right time by contacting the fireplace specialists at Family Hearth & Patio.

Fireplace Maintenance

Regular fireplace maintenance is an essential component of fireplace ownership. Hiring a professional maintenance service prolongs the longevity of your fireplace in the following ways:

  • Spots red flags before they become big issues
  • Ensures fireplace components operate smoothly
  • Maintains fireplace efficiency
  • Makes sure the fireplace is up to code and regulation
  • Checks that glass and ignition components work

Schedule a regular fireplace maintenance appointment for your home or business today. We can spot any needed repairs and fix them as soon as possible. Additionally, Family Hearth & Patio has lifetime warranties on most of our fireplace products and labor, so don't hesitate to reach out if something seems amiss.

Fireplace Cleaning

Another vital task to make sure your fireplace is fully functioning is to schedule a fireplace cleaning appointment. Similar to our maintenance services, our cleaning services ensure that your fireplace continues to operate seamlessly safely.

Cleaning your fireplace removes flammable substances that could ignite, ash and soot buildup, and other potentially harmful debris.

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If you are looking for superior fireplace services you can rely on, call Family Hearth & Patio at (860) 574-9388. We will be happy to talk to you about your fireplace needs or concerns, answer any relevant questions, and work with you to make sure your fireplace is up and running when you need it.