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It is an American dream to come home and relax next to the warm and cozy fireplace after a long day at work. Family Hearth & Patio can help you fulfill that dream. We offer one of the largest varieties in Fireplaces in Connecticut! It is our passion to help our clients find a fireplace, fire pit, or another one of our various accessories that are not only a perfect fit for your house - but for you as an individual.

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Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves

Going beyond the everyday fireplace, we at Family Hearth & Patio like to offer a wide selection one of the best selections of wood, gas, and pellet stoves!

Classic wood burning stoves or pellet stoves will keep you nice and warm in the winter and can be custom designed to tie together any room in the house in all seasons. Even the most modern homes will benefit from the addition of a timeless fireplace. Family Hearth & Patio will even work with you to help with design, installation, maintenance, and ventilation of your brand new wood stove or pellet stove inserts. Plus, all Regency brand fireplaces come with a lifetime warranty! Focus more on the warmth and love your fireplace brings and let us worry about the everyday maintenance. 

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are a great addition to any room, providing warmth and a beautiful glow year-round. The only thing better than curling up next to a warm hearth is a fireplace that requires no tending, minimal cleanup, and doesn't leave the rest of your house an ice box. 

Gas fireplaces are available in different styles. Gas inserts, which turn a classic wood burning stove into an even more efficient gas fireplace, are a great replacement for a tired out fireplace. Built-in gas stoves are for those looking for a fireplace for their home where there is not one. For those looking to bring a little more warmth to their home, gas fireplaces and gas inserts are the way to go. Let Family Hearth and Patio help you install a brand new gas fireplace or gas insert into your home today.  

Gas Fireplaces, Gas Inserts at Family Hearth and Patio

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